Abrc08 Stories' Blue Rhapsody jpg

Blue Rhapsody... BLUE!

The Blue Rhapsody is a "blue" colored flying protector of Spinnerette. It has has the power to control ice.


A medium sized blue cone with a golden drill underneath it. Has two golden wings with one broken.


  • Drills the thing it locks on
  • Shoots ice in four directions NE, NW, SE, SW


Once it starts to drill its target (while shooting iceballs), try to jump and attack it right on the fixed wing. Once the fixed wing is destroyed, the two broken wings will start to combine and form a dark large yellow wing behind it, completely fixed. Once you throw 3 burning things to it, the wing shatters like glass and it starts to walk around, this is a challenge because it's using its drill to walk, and it shoots iceballs like crazy! Destroy the Blue Rhapsody by hitting it 10 times (Or shoot 5 burning things)!

Abrc08 Stories' Blue Rhapsody LW

Blue Rhapsody... Broken!